The Chimera Secret: A gripping, high-concept, high-octane thriller

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Note: Contains some scenes of brutality. Brace yourself for the grindhouse-esque space epic with gladiators and aliens set in a part of the galaxy far, far away. Solace In Stone. Augustus Agrippa is a geologist at the Altum Crater station on Mars. While the basic needs of the crew members are met, the bright minds inside the station have to take advantage of any and every resource the planet offers up to them in order to further their development. Agrippa is put in charge of seeking out a source of power that would be able to provide nearly endless amounts of energy for the station; geothermal.

Deep inside the crater, he knows it awaits him, but finding it will strain his patience, and wear down the already worn down man. When a man seeks out an empath who he believes is hiding in a brothel in order to ease his daughter's suffering due to an alien infection, he soon discovers there's far more to the virus than he'd ever considered possible.

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This short story was first published in the anthology Elsewhere, edited by Michael Barry. You've discovered the existence of a new enemy combatant, Captain. Since you saw him--he saw you. But the Europa Mission just failed and people died in space. No one knows why. When military bioscientist Capt. Warren's hidden research installation is attacked, he joins forces with armored assault Sgt. Von Radach. They become entangled in a deadly fight to stop the theft of classified military secrets by a lethal female villain.

Her devious plan uses enemy cyborgs posing as humans and altering military personnel's neural implants to accept her commands have every chance of succeeding. Unless, Capt.

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Warren and Sgt. Von Radach can end her first. Edge of the Future is an engrossing military science fiction story set on Earth and nearby space sometime in our future. Love this cover! Can't wait to read more from this author! Joshua Landeros. This is a blast to read. The plot functions like a ticking time bomb and makes for one hell of a ride! Simon Haynes. Really like the look of the covers for this series, and I was dragged into the action from the first paragraph.

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You'll be questioning the outer limits of technology gone mad in this TechnoThriller that will leave the reader seeking the sequel. Pulse pounding chapters compound on one another, leading to a shocking crescendo. Mind Timing by R. Saunders Living Sensical. Can the future be saved by returning a woman to affect the present? Peter was a perfect gentleman. When he showed up at an all-woman's club unannounced, the defenses came up. Mari met him, surrounded by women like herself who battled criminal men daily.

There was no longer any need for physical sex, the war between sexes had already been won. Yet here was a white male in a three-piece suit asking for her help to save humankind.

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This one man, who says he is from an alternate universe, wants to recruit a specific martial arts expert. With the idea of saving their future by altering our present. Two people taking the balance of future lives into their own hands. Surprisingly, this is a romance in the making. And a story about enabling religion to save humankind Claim Your Copy Now. I've read alot of postive reviews for this book. Adding now to my TBR. A great alien world to explore. Imaginative and fun to read.